If it’s skin,
it has to come in!

August is Itchy Pet Awareness Month

Grow your practice and help more itchy dogs get the relief they need. Download resources to help your practice and your clients now!

Resources to Get Social

Our ready-to-go social media posts can generate awareness and help you connect with clients. Remember to use the hashtag #ItchyPetAwarenessMonth and to encourage clients to schedule an appointment with your practice.

More Resources To Engage Pet Owners

Our practice resources will help you get the word out on allergic skin disease. The resources also educate pet owners on what they should look for and ask you about.

A Must-Have
Allergic Itch Protocol

Be sure to get the Team-Based Protocol for Allergic Itch—an exclusive tool that will ensure your practice is well prepared this August and throughout the year. It provides helpful guidance on proper protocols as well as tips to drive success and patient visits. Simply fill out a quick form to gain access to this downloadable resource.


Why Itchy Pet Awareness Month Matters

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Allergic/atopic dermatitis is the #1 reason

for veterinarian visits1

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30 million households

in the US have a dog with pruritus2

Sad puppy

Almost 8 million dogs

go untreated by a
veterinarian for itch2

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40% more itchy dogs

were treated by a veterinarian
over the past 5 years3

August can be
record-breaking for veterinary practices

Let’s set a new record together this year!

Vet and owner with dog

Encourage a Skin Health Visit

And educate pet owners about the signs of allergic itch.

Signs of allergic itch:

  • Frequent licking, chewing, biting or scratching
  • Excessive rolling, rubbing or scooting
  • Recurrent ear problems
  • Hair loss
  • Body odor
  • Rash, redness, greasy skin or scabs

Pet owners looking for more information about allergic itch symptoms can visit this helpful resource:


Creative ideas to promote pet skin health in your practice

Decorate a bulletin board

Decorate a bulletin board with images of pets who have had their allergic itch successfully treated at your practice.

Host a contest

Organize a giveaway contest for all owners who bring their pets in for a skin health check in August (prizes can include a day of grooming, shampoo, toy, etc.).

Client posts

Encourage pet owners to share photos of their pets online with the hashtag #ItchyPetAwarenessMonth.

Share your pictures

Share pictures of the practice's own pets who have been treated for itch with the hashtag #ItchyPetAwarenessMonth.

We can’t wait to see how you promote Itchy Pet Awareness Month!

Reach out to your Zoetis representative if you need any additional help or have questions.

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Have a successful Itchy Pet Awareness Month!
Remember: If it’s skin, it has to come in!

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